Ascension Series

Our Ascension Series comes in 8, 9 and 10 note options in a variety of colors and scales.  Each of the tongues has a beautiful feather etching, and there is a lotus carved around the center laser-cut, as well as one etched around the sound-hole on the bottom.  These drums are absolutely beautiful to hold and play, and produce very clean tones.

Primordial Series

The Primordial Series has 8 fantastically tuned notes and comes in 3 distinct finishes:  Textured silver, textured copper, and textured white-gold with a clear-coat finish on top.  It is our most economic model, and only comes in 8 notes, with our most popular scales.  These instruments sound just as good as our other series, but are less labor intensive due to having less notes, and no etching.  The Primordial Series is our attempt to provide a more affordable, yet stylish Steel Tongue Drum.

Pictures to come soon!

Relics Series

Our Relics series comes etched with geodesic runes, in a wide range of colors.  They are constructed to bring out the bass and to be more tactile to play (more flat-handed like a Djembe).  There are ascending and descending aspects of the scale going up and down either side, and a root and octave in the center to give a bass boost when struck simultaneously.  Because of their construction, they can’t be offered with all scales, but the scales we can put on them sound amazing.

*Also available without the geodesic etching.